HITEXPROSPERITY  has more than fifteen years' experience for fabrics.

HITEXPROSPERITY  do specialize in polyurethane coating, lamination finish, waterproof and breathable coated, HI-visibility fabrics, printing series, HI- stretch series, UV-Cut and other special function fabrics.

HITEXPROSPERITY  focuses on research and development with its creative product collections. By HITEXPROSPERITY R&D & Q.C. System, HITEXPROSPERITY insures quality could be matched on customers' demands.

HITEXPROSPERITY  cooperates with many famous World-Class companies from rough fabrics to functional fabrics.

HITEXPROSPERITY  fabrics are used on Workwear, Sport wear, Casual wear and Horse wear.

Your visit is HITEXPROSPERITY's honor. If you have anything HITEXPROSPERITY could do for you just feel free to contact us.